How to Plan a Cheap Move

Moving can be expensive. Lets not kid around here. If you add up all your costs it can be anywhere from a few hundred pounds to thousands. Here are a few tips to help you move while on a budget so you don’t burn a hole so big you will be living off tuna cans for the weeks after your move!

These tips are for when you are still planning on using a moving company.

Find a Removals Company who is Reliable

This is by far the most important step. There are a lot of things to consider but generally the internet has the final say in 2018 and beyond. Search out the moving companies you are looking for. Read some reviews. Read about the services they offer. Call them and have a chat about what you are looking for. As you might be looking for movers, packers and van with a van – We Move and Clean or a full service moving company. Or you might even be looking for just van hire. Once you know what you need and have found a few companies. Find out if there are any possible extra charges the could be tagged on or if quotes are final.

Move when it’s Cheaper to Move

Moving companies actually have a moving season believe it or not. It’s cheaper to move during winter or fall. The reason for this is simple. Most people just don’t want to move when it’s snowing outside. Potentially, that is as it’s the UK we are talking about. I it’s not snowing the same applies when it’s cold. No one wants to do it. So moving companies normally drop their rates to sweep up any business they can.

If you plan to move in the middle of summer expect to pay a lot more for your move.

Get Rid of what’s Not Needed!

Just like an office move a house move is no different. You don’t need to move what you don’t need at your new home. Living in a house for years means you’ve collected an endless amount of rubbish that you don’t need. Don’t just pack everything when you move. Spend a day before you move figuring out what can be thrown out or donated.

Those old clothes that have been in boxes for years are doing you no good but they could be doing a lot of good for people in need. You’ll be doing a good thing for the community! For the thins that can’t be donated, just throw it out.

Get Free Moving Boxes

Buying 100+ boxes to move is expensive. It won’t seam like it when you’re on Amazon or the shops looking at the £2 per box. But after you realised you need 50, 70 or 100 of them to move and big house you up for a few hundred quid. And odds are you will thrown the boxes out after anyhow. Such a waste of money!

A few places you can get free moving boxes are:

  • Grocery stores. Ask to get a few for your groceries twice a week when you shop for the two months before your move and you have a good 20 to 30.
  • Large appliance. Keep all your boxes. They can be reused.
  • Family and friends will likely have boxes you can use.
  • The best be is a warehouse. Everyone warehouse on the planet throws out hundreds of boxes each day. They will happily give you 100 boxes especially if you tell they they are needed ‘for charity’. Sneaky but hey it’s you pocket in the end

If you use the above five tips you should keep move money in your pocket when you move compared not using the tips. The last piece of advice is to stick to a budget. Set the budget, use these tips, stick to the basics, and don’t go over that budget. You’ll be happy you did and wot break the bank.